Our Courses

Pricing: Competitive prices, First-Time Clients and large group discounts!

Approved Training Provider Affiliate for KY State Board of Housing and Construction, Division of HVAC (#246)

Ask about Drug Testing, Hearing/Respirator Testing, Physicals, etc., through our local Healthcare/Occupational Medicine affiliate.

Unique Features:

  • Non-intimidating, friendly, professional Instructors (safety professionals, nurses, EMTs/Paramedics)
  • ON-SITE training at any location, any shift, nationwide through network of instructor colleagues
  • One manikin per person (high-tech, Prestan Professional Manikins with interactive feedback/monitors)
  • Knee pads for comfort
  • Scenarios customized for each client’s unique industry (hands-on training in the actual work environment as allowed for realism)
  • Small or large groups welcome
  • Blended Learning options (Online Learning with Hands-On Skill checks)